Board member openings

We anticipate having two longtime board members hang it up after very long tenures.  This will create three vacancies on our board.  We will be looking for new blood and experience to help us keep Copperfield a desirable, comfortable place to raise a family as well as remaining a good investment.

We need qualified volunteers for the board positions and on various committees that support the board, that include website support, social activities, welcoming committee for new homeowners, etc.!

Why volunteer on Copperfield Homeowners Association Board?

— Protect your self-interests. Protect your property values and maintain the quality of life in Copperfield.

— Correct a problem. Have you had difficulty, or do you have good ideas about how things could be done better?

— Be sociable. Meet your neighbors, make friends, and exchange opinions.

— Give back. Repay a little of what’s been done for you.

— Have some fun. Association work isn’t drudgery.

— It’s fun accomplishing good things with your neighbors.

— Express yourself. Help with creative projects like Copperfield beautification.

We are specifically looking for someone with a financial/accounting background to handle the treasurer role.  This is a very important part of what we do as a board.
Contact Richard Coburn or Gary Moore for more information.

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