Sprucing up the neighborhood

Edmond Electric and the Edmond Urban Forestry Department will give out 460 free trees at Mitch Park near the Edmond Outdoor Ice Rink on Saturday, Dec. 13th from 8 a.m. – noon.

Trees will be available to Edmond Electric customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers must present a copy of their electric bill to receive a tree. Available species include red maple, red bud, sawtooth oak, red oak, and chinquapin oak.


Residents are encouraged to do the following before picking up a free tree:

• Be sure to consider the available planting spaces around your home since not every site is suitable for every type of tree.
• Please consider the size the tree will become and ensure it will not grow into overhead electric lines.
• Before planting, call Okie (Dial 811) to identify underground utilities

For more information about local planting, go to edmondok.com/trees.

A Copperfield Christmas

If you’re looking for a great place to view Christmas decorations, try driving around your own neighborhood! Thanks to the many great neighbors who have really dressed up the place this year. Click here to see a gallery of our homes in lights.

Copperfield entrance lights
Copperfield entrance lights

Did you find a wallet?

Our president recently received this email. Let’s see if we can help this fellow out:


Greetings!  My name is Morgan and I work for the City of Edmond as a Electric and Water Meter Reader.  Your neighborhood is one of my routes, and while I was working there yesterday, I seemed to have lost my wallet.  It’s just your generic brown pleather wallet and it will have my CoE id in there as well as my DL.  The address on that DL is current, if anyone finds it and call/will take it to it.   It will be in someone’s front yard, because nearly all the meters in that area are on the front of the houses.   The streets that I read are the northern part of Copperfield, off of Edmond Rd, and no further south than Jamestown Cir (or Ct i can’t remember which). I did try to retrace my steps after work last night, and i did knock on a few doors, and the people said they will keep an eye out for it.  But with all the leaves, it just raises the level of difficulty for this particular “scavenger hunt”.  Thank you for your time, and I really appreciate your neat and clean neighborhood, it’s one of my favorites to read :)
Have a great Holiday!!
Morgan Egbert
Meter Reader
City of Edmond


Tell Edmond what you think

About 3,000 households in Edmond are receiving mailed surveys seeking feedback on opinions of city services.  Were you one of the lucky ones?

Respondents may indicate how pleased they are with services such as police and fire response, parks and recreation programming and the customer service provided by city employees in various departments.

City Manager Larry Stevens said the City Council and management strongly encourage residents who receive the survey to complete it.

“The information we learn from the survey is vital to us for measuring our residents’ attitudes about the services we provide. It also helps us identify trends in customer satisfaction here in Edmond as well as in similar cities around the country.”

Read the city’s full news release here.

Agenda for most recent Copperfield HOA board meeting


(Meeting to Be Held November 17, 2014 at the lovely home of

Gary & Rita Moore;   1112 Providence Court)

1. President Calls Meeting to Order and Check Attendance.  1900 sharp

2. Review and Approve/Disapprove October 13, 2014 minutes (by Jeremy Jett).

3. Introduce Guest(s), If Any, and Discuss any Concerns/Issued Raised by Guests:

4.Treasurer’s Report (Gary K. Moore–Treasurer):

5. Grounds Report (Gary Keith):

Light outage on Copperfield entrance west (carry over).

Sprinklers damaged by contactor?

Board voted via email for Holiday lighting to be installed at Edmond Road entrances. Results: 6 votes for; 1 vote No; and one vote not received.

6. Pool Report (Les Gay/Clyde Moore).

Final closing for season and final winterizing complete.

7. Social Report

9. Covenant Compliance Report.

10. New  Business:

Preparations for Annual Meeting to be held 15 January 2015 at the Edmond Library. Rental costs have grown from $10.00 to $45.00 per hour!

Positions on HOA Board?  2 resignations coming ……. need treasurer

11. Newsletter/Website (Richard Coburn):  Will do this coming week as health improves.

Any further discussion on the new Web site?

Board paid Don for web site.

12. Adjourn Meeting. (Executive Session if necessary).


Edmond city officials are warning residents of an apparent scam that involves a caller seeking to collect an unpaid utility bill.  The claim is bogus, and the caller has in each previous incident identified as an employee of OG&E, which doesn’t even provide or administer Edmond’s electricity.

From the city’s website:

The City of Edmond Utility Customer Service Department that manages Edmond Electric account billing will NEVER request credit card information over the phone. If you receive one of these phone calls, take down the number and report the incident to the police and do not share any private information with the caller.

Board member openings

We anticipate having two longtime board members hang it up after very long tenures.  This will create three vacancies on our board.  We will be looking for new blood and experience to help us keep Copperfield a desirable, comfortable place to raise a family as well as remaining a good investment.

We need qualified volunteers for the board positions and on various committees that support the board, that include website support, social activities, welcoming committee for new homeowners, etc.!

Why volunteer on Copperfield Homeowners Association Board?

— Protect your self-interests. Protect your property values and maintain the quality of life in Copperfield.

— Correct a problem. Have you had difficulty, or do you have good ideas about how things could be done better?

— Be sociable. Meet your neighbors, make friends, and exchange opinions.

— Give back. Repay a little of what’s been done for you.

— Have some fun. Association work isn’t drudgery.

— It’s fun accomplishing good things with your neighbors.

— Express yourself. Help with creative projects like Copperfield beautification.

We are specifically looking for someone with a financial/accounting background to handle the treasurer role.  This is a very important part of what we do as a board.
Contact Richard Coburn or Gary Moore for more information.

Official Website of the Copperfield Homeowners Association