Edmond traffic survey results

2017 Traffic Survey Results

City of Edmond Citizens’ Traffic Questionnaire Results

Public Information Officer Casey Moore from City of Edmond
The City of Edmond recently sought input from citizens regarding traffic in the community. Over a two week period, a special website form was available for citizens to share their top three traffic hot spots.

During the time period of January 9th and January 23rd, approximately 9,600 valid responses were submitted. Participants were allowed to place up to three pins on a map to ensure their exact location was included.

“We are very happy to see a strong response to this questionnaire from our residents,” said City Manager Larry Stevens. “This data will be used to assist in future planning and we certainly value the residents having input in the planning process.”

The top ten traffic concern areas reported are:
1. 2nd Street & Bryant Avenue Intersection
2. Covell Road & Santa Fe Avenue Intersection
3. 2nd Street (Boulevard to Broadway)
4. Covell Road & Bryant Avenue Intersection
5. Danforth Road & Kelly Avenue Intersection
6. Edmond Road & Kelly Avenue Intersection
7. 15th Street & Broadway Intersection
8. 15th Street & Bryant Ave. Intersection
9. Danforth Road (Thomas Drive to Boulevard)
10. 15th Street & Kelly Avenue Intersection

A “heat map” showing all areas that received a minimum of ten responses can be viewed at http://edmondok.com/traffic.

Campaign sign rules from city of Edmond

Residents & Candidates Reminded of Campaign Sign Placement Rules

The City of Edmond is reminding residents and candidates for office  to follow local and state laws when placing campaign signs on display. These laws are in affect every day of the week and year-round, and non-compliance can lead to a $249 citation.

To ensure compliance, all residents and candidates are urged to remember the following:

• Political signs shall not be placed in the street right-of-way or easements or otherwise affixed to any utility pole, or utility structure, or any tree or traffic control device or warning sign located in the street right-of-way or easements.
• It is strongly suggested for the safety of volunteers that signs only be placed during daylight hours.
• Signs on private property are allowed with the current homeowner’s permission, but should be placed 10 to 15 feet behind the curb to assure it will not be in the right-of-way.
• Signs should not be placed on public property.
• Illegally placed paper, plastic or wood signs will be disposed of immediately. Other signs picked up will be disposed of within 30 days.

During the current election season, City of Edmond employees have removed over 3,000 illegally placed signs. The cost to taxpayers for this removal and disposal is approximately $13,000.Election-Campaign-Signage

New pool access rules

Pool Access June 10

All pool users will sign the book and check in with the life guard prior to accessing the pool. If there is no Life guard at the desk, then you must sign the book AND check in with the lifeguard on duty.

A picture ID will be required to prove your residency in the Copperfield edition according to the Assessor’s list on June 1st 2016.. (after a while the life guards will recognize frequent users)

The lifeguards are responsible for all users of the pool and they may ask you at any time to prove you are a Copperfield resident. Your Homeowner’s dues must be current in order to use the Pool. If you are a renter and your name does not appear on the Assessor’s list of owners, you must provide a rental contract to use the pool. Your homeowner dues must be current. (Landlord paid)

Anyone under the age of twelve (12) years must be accompanied by someone sixteen (16) years or older. Proof of age is required. A signed note from a parent with printed name and address will suffice for proof of age.

Running, rough housing, or other unacceptable behavior (including vulgar, obscene, or abusive language) will NOT be tolerated. The lifeguards are responsible for maintaining the safety of the pool area and have complete authority to immediately eject any person from the pool area and suspend their swimming privileges for violating any of these regulations, for performing unsafe acts, or for disregarding instructions.

Any Questions:

Clyde Moore Pool Chairman 405-641-5546

Richard Coburn 405-464-7136

Copperfield Homeowners Board President

Storm shelter registration with the City of Edmond

More good info from the City of Edmond:

Edmond’s Severe Weather Shelter Registration Program is a free and voluntary program that allows residents who own a personal severe weather shelter in the Edmond city limits to register their shelter with the City of Edmond. Shelter registration is part of our effort to be proactive in response to rescue situations that can occur as a result of severe weather.

This program will provide rescue personnel with valuable, time-saving shelter-location information. This information would be critical should a storm shelter exit be blocked by debris or structural damage caused by severe weather.


We have always encouraged shelters owners to include an out-of-town accountability contact as part of their personal severe weather plan. This program provides an additional safeguard against being trapped in a shelter.

Register a Shelter
To register a storm cellar, safe room, or other personal severe weather shelter, call (405) 359-4564, or register your storm shelter online with the Shelter Registration Form.

Recorded Information
Information recorded will include the owner’s name, location of the shelter, owner telephone contact number(s), and a brief description of the shelter type and specific location. This information will be maintained by Emergency Management personnel and used only in the event of structural damage from severe weather or other related incidents.


Edmond Residents Could See Reduced Insurance Rates

The City of Edmond reports that Edmond residents may be able to save money on their property insurance after the Edmond Fire Department recently improved its fire protection rating. After an extensive review process, the Edmond Fire Department improved from a Class 3/9 to a Class 2/4.

The new ratinDSCN0002_420x280_thumbg comes after the department improved dispatch and response capabilities, fire hydrant infrastructure, and road & intersection improvements. The rating will be in effect for the next five years.

“This achievement shows the commitment of city leadership and staff for fire protection in Edmond,” said Fire Chief Doug Hall. “The new rating should be celebrated, and is a great example of the daily dedication displayed by our firefighters and city employees.”

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) reviews fire prevention and fire suppression capabilities of local fire departments on a scale of one to ten. Class 1 generally represents the best fire protection. Many insurance companies use these classifications to evaluate their risk in insuring a property that is serviced by the rated fire department.

The Class 2 rating covers most of the more densely populated west side of Edmond. That rating places Edmond in the top 3% nationwide and the top 1% statewide. The Class 4 rating covers most of the less dense areas of east Edmond. That rating showed a significant increase after previously being a 9 out of 10.

Kevin Stoneking, the Oklahoma Insurance Department’s ISO Coordinator, will be in attendance at the April 25th Edmond City Council meeting to recognize the achievement.

To find out how the new ratings might impact your insurance rates, please contact your provider. Residents with insurance questions can also contact the Oklahoma Insurance Department at 405-521-2828.

HOA annual meeting set for Thursday, Feb. 18

7:00 P.M.

Thursday February 18, 2016.



If we want a strong neighborhood HOA, good services and good Real Estate value, participation by many is the way to accomplish these goals.  We need good people that have time to volunteer on the board, either as a board member or a committee member. We are a volunteer board and can only do what our extra time allows.  More participation would get MORE done and take less time from all of us.  Please come and Please volunteer!  Let’s make our Copperfield neighborhood the envy of all!

Richard Coburn, President Copperfield HOA 405-464-7136

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